Challenges 2022

  • 1st day - Jeopardy

    HW Hacking & Escape the Box
    (international Teams: 5 Persons / 5 Challenges/ max 90 min)

  • 2nd day Attack / Defence (CFT)

  • Open ECSC - Jeopardy

The ECSC – European Cyber ​​Security Challenge has developed into a European success story over the past 7 years. In cooperation with 28 European nations and the European agency for network security ENISA, this newcomer/talent/competition model could be anchored as a constant in Europe.

In 2021, over 17,000 young talents from across Europe took part in national cybersecurity challenges run by local organizations to qualify for the ECSC European Championship finals in Prague.

The targets of the ECSC are related to cyber security:

  • to inspire teenagers/young people for the topic "cyber security"

  • to support them in their training

  • support them in their career paths

  • Creating and increasing awareness of cyber security in Europe

As a European lighthouse project, the ECSC is also intended to support the respective national organizational units in the implementation of their national competitions.

The final teams will be determined by the participating countries. The way to Vienna for the ECSC 2022 leads through a successful participation in one of the many national competitions – see the links to the national organizations under TEAMS.

Logo ECSC Vienna 2022