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The European Cyber Security Challenge is a key activity of the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA). It aims to support cyber security talent across Europe and harness their potential in public organisations, private companies and science and research.

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In order to promote even more talents, everybody (also non-Europeans), regardless of whether they are a security enthusiast or an expert, can demonstrate their skills at the openECSC without restriction and become part of the ECSC community.


ECSC 2022 Winner Denmark ©CSA, David Bohmann
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Austrian Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer
Winners openECSC
Winners openECSC
Winners openECSC
Winners openECSC

The Winner Team Denmark arrives at home

That was the ECSC 2022

Michael Ludwig | Mayor and Governor of Vienna

Vienna is known as a global pioneer when it comes to Smart City issues. We have a clear strategy in which ideas and input from local people and innovative impulses from the business, technology and research communities are brought together to serve a common purpose. Smart City Wien aims to be one of Europe’s “Digitalisation Capitals”! We embrace new technologies and are interested in innovations that provide valuable services to everyone living in our city while simultaneously helping us to protect the environment and save the climate. That’s why we take a far-sighted approach to developing and upgrading our urban infrastructure. We also need secure, smart, affordable, accessible solutions that really do make life simpler for us all. The focus, at all times, remains on people and their needs for secure digital solutions.

The ECSC is an important factor for secure Smart City solutions. Cybersecurity talents are always welcome in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Good luck.

Michael Ludwig | Mayor and Governor of Vienna

The organizers of the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge 2022 in Vienna are the Cyber Security Austria and ENISA.

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